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岗位类别 :电子电气
月薪 :面议
性别要求 :不限
专业要求 :不限
招聘人数 :1人
最低学历 :大学本科
工作经验 :毕业生
年龄 :不限
招聘类别 :IT-品管、技术支持及其他
招聘部门 :
生活福利 : 不详
社保福利 : 不详
其他福利 : 不详
| 任职资格

1.Major in mechanical or electronical engineering with bachelor degree.
2.Good command of written and spoken English.
3.Minimum 6-8 years working experience on supplier quality management.
4.Intimate familiarity with ISO9000/TL9000/TS16949 Quality Systems and IPC-A-610E standard with good implementation.
5.Working knowledge of basic and advanced Quality tools, such as TQM, Six Sigma, SPC, FMEA, Control Plans, Root Cause Analysis(8D), Poke Yoke(Error proof), Kaizen Lean Manufacturing and QC 7 tools etc.
6.With experience of die casting, plating, CNC machining and SMT etc.
7.Experience with developing/documenting procedures and application of Quality Engineering methods in inspection.
8.Must be familiar with a wide range of reliability, environmental, and qualification programs.
9.The ability to monitor effectiveness of vendor quality programs as well as development reports and implement corrective action programs on an as needed basis.
10.Assertiveness and excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
11.Excellent decision-making and interpersonal skills are essential.
12.Ability to articulate, defend and negotiate Quality expectations with CM/Suppliers.
13.Be honest, active, independent, willing to take more responsibilities, and able to work under big pressure.
14.Good application of office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and understanding/interpretation of 2D drawings.
15.Great logical analysis skills on various quality issues.
16.Some travel
17.Six sigma with the qualification of Green Belt or Black Belt is preferred.

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